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Kizzy Clayton Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Mrs. Clayton's 2017-2018 Class Schedule

Sumter County Intermediate School


7:30-8:00        Breakfast/AR/Annoucements

8:00-8:45        Panther Power Period

8:45-9:35        Clayton Math

9:35-10:25      Clayton Small Group Math

10:25-11:15    E.Strickland Small Group Math with Williamson

11:15-11:50    E. Strickland Whole Group Math

11:50-12:15    Lunch

12:15-1:05      Connections/Planning Period

1:05-1:55        J. Godwin Whole Group Math

1:55-2:45        J. Godwin Small Group Math with West

2:45                Dismissal